Online casino’s popularity

We are moving in our technical progress, to stop moving, so to say, making ourselves less active. The popular source of excitement and money, which has great history since the very start of invention has been replaced to the web, as almost everything else. Casino houses are still popular, though they surely feel the influence of online gambling. Continue reading “Online casino’s popularity”

Caribbean Poker Rules

Currently, in an online casino, Caribbean poker is the most common game. In this form of poker, two players compete – the player himself and the dealer. The goal of the game is to collect a better combination than the dealer. Bets are made on one or several adjacent boxes, however their number should not exceed three. The bet size must not be less than the minimum set at the table and not more than the maximum allowable value. Continue reading “Caribbean Poker Rules”

What is casino

Today the word “casino” for the majority is represented by a gambling hall, a sort of loaf where they play roulette and poker. There’s nothing to be done – a tribute of time. And in modern English, the word “casino” is an object in which certain types of gambling are located. The casino is most often located near or in the hotels themselves, restaurants, cruise ships, etc. But the meaning of the word “casino” does not necessarily imply gambling. So what is a casino, where did this name come from? Continue reading “What is casino”