Caribbean Poker Rules

Currently, in an online casino, Caribbean poker is the most common game. In this form of poker, two players compete – the player himself and the dealer. The goal of the game is to collect a better combination than the dealer. Bets are made on one or several adjacent boxes, however their number should not exceed three. The bet size must not be less than the minimum set at the table and not more than the maximum allowable value.

To start the game, the player needs to put ante. After that, the dealer distributes five cards to each box, where the player made a bet. Cards are dealt one by one to a closed one. Gets his five cards and the dealer, four to the closed one, the latter opens.

Having received cards and assessing their chances in accordance with poker combinations, the player decides whether to continue playing (Call or Bet) or folding cards (Fold). If the player decides to pass, then he loses his previously made ante. When continuing the game, the competitor must make a bet equal to two in the Bet field. If we talk about online casinos, the bet is made automatically after the player presses the Call / Bet button.

After the decision is made by the player, the dealer opens his cards. If he does not have any of the poker hand combinations or ace-king combination (there is no game, the dealer is not qualified), then the player gets his bet back, no matter if he has a combination or not, and on the ante also gets a 1 to 1 win If the dealer has a combination (there is a game), then it is compared to a combination of player cards. Whose is stronger, he won. When a player wins, he gets a 1: 1 win at the ante bet and the main bet, depending on the combination (odds from 1 to 1 for a pair to 100 to 1 for a royal flush, a specific paytable is usually indicated on the gaming table).

In addition to the standard bet, a player can make an additional $ 1 to win the jackpot. This type of bet is made in a special field above the Ante field and wins only when collecting one of the high combinations not lower than the flush.