Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are a relatively new form of online casino entertainment, but they’re steadily gaining popularity, because they’re easy to master, exciting, colorful and are very fast to play a couple of rounds, which makes them perfect for gaming on the go. To see for yourself what makes gamblers all around the world so excited, play online scratch cards at Games2Cool!

Latest Scratch Cards

Right here on our website you can play scratch cards online, taking advantage of the biggest collection on the internet. We have collected all applications available to this day and are constantly adding new ones, as the market keeps filling up. New developers are joining on the craze every day, so don’t be the last to know about this fun type of game! Jump on board and start playing scratch cards – it’s easy, quick and won’t cost you a penny if you do it with us!

If slot machines seem a little bit of “been there, done that” to you, try free online scratch cards at Games2Cool. They’re quite similar to slots, but unique nevertheless – it will be a fun addition to your gaming life! Learn how to play with our easy tutorials and how-tos, and become a real master!

We offer only free online scratch cards, no deposit required. We will never ask you for money and you keep playing as long as you like! You don’t need to download anything, either – every game can be enjoyed straight from your browser.

While many websites offer scratch cards online, no deposit is required only by us. We pride ourselves on being completely free and open to our visitors – you don’t even have to register and sign in, our collection is right here for your enjoyment! Just pick a game that appeals to you – and scratch cards come in all genres and styles! Funny, beautiful, intriguing, creepy – whatever you may be in the mood for, they have it all!

If you think that you have learned enough and want to start playing for real money, we will help you find the very best scratch card casino available on the internet. Different strokes for different folks, of course, so we have gathered up many casinos to pick from, but they all share a similar trait – their stellar reputation. Safety and security is the most important thing for an online casino, and we did thorough research to find the best for you. Find the very best scratch cards casinos on Games2Cool – find the ones offering your favourite software, operating from your country or the ones having the biggest promos right now, the choice is always right with Games2Cool!

Play Scratch Cards for Real Money

Scratch cards are a very popular pastime, as they’re fun and easy to play and you can win big money really quickly if you get lucky. You can learn more about the game here at Games2Cool and also try some of the scratch cards apps for free to see what the fuss is all about.

After you have practiced enough with free scratch cards, win real money! It’s possible in any of the casinos we list on our pages. We can help you find the best casino that is fair to its customers and that is offering the best selection of scratch cards on the market. First, pick a game you like in our amazingly huge collection and then, in a couple of clicks, you can see the casinos it’s being offered at!

Free play is all nice and good, of course, but it’s merely practice, a stepping stone towards the real deal. After you’ve enjoyed our free scratch cards, no deposit – win real money with the help of great online casino bonuses we bring to you every day!

Check out our daily section for the most incredible deals the online casinos are offering – most of them are time-limited, that’s why it’s important to be quick and always check Games2Cool before you sign up with a gambling establishment. Some of them are offering free money scratch cards upon registration, so why not take advantage of that? You can keep everything you will win for future conquests, and why spend your deposit on something you can get for free?

Online casino bonuses are a powerful tool to use in your gambling strategy. Why are casinos giving out free money? Competition, of course! If you register with them and like what you see, you will most likely stick around, and that is worth giving out a bit of money to you from their perspective. So check our bonus page for free scratch cards – real money wins offers today!

How to Play Scratch Cards

You probably have played real, physical scratch cards at some point of your life. You know, you buy a card, you scratch the shiny silver coating off with a coin (or your fingernail, if you’re impatient) and instantly reveal whether you have won a prize! Not very many things come close to that in excitement. So if you were wondering how exactly does one play Scratch Cards online, here are the main rules all explained in one short and easy guide from Games2Cool.

  • The online Scratch Cards are basically like the real deal. You have a card on your screen, you “scratch off” the coating and see if you’ve won.
  • So when you play Scratch game online, first you need to place your wager – you decide on the amount. Then you have to click the “New Card” button and a fresh scratch card will appear on your screen.
  • After that, start scratching! The process can be a bit different depending on the software you’re using and you can be offered to scratch everything off or just go slot by slot. Either way, there are “Manual” and “Automatic” options for doing so. In the manual mode, you use your cursor like you would a coin, moving it along – the process is slower, but more entertaining, as you see the symbols or numbers revealed bit by bit. Or you can use the Automatic mode, sit back, relax and watch the machine do all the work for you – just like autoplay in slots.
  • So how to play Scratch Cards and win? To win in Scratch Cards, just like in slots, you have to get a combination. The minimum combo is the three of the same symbol – but for combinations specific to the machine you’re playing and the corresponding payouts you’ll always have to consult the paytable, as these things can differ vastly.

Hopefully this short and precise little tutorial was helpful! To really learn how to play, why not take advantage of some free, no-download scratch cards available right here at Games2Cool? Theory is nothing without practice and we let you practice for as long as you want! And we guarantee that you will be having fun in the process – after all, there is a reason why scratch cards are so popular all around the world. Why not discover it for yourself?

But if you’re really bent on playing real money scratch cards and you want to choose casino with this game, the professional team of Games2Cool is here to help you out. No one knows online casinos quite like we do, so we can always give you the latest breakdown on whose online casino bonuses are currently the biggest!

Play Scratch Cards No Download

Online scratch cards are a quick and gratifying way to have some fun and relax, but what if you just feel like a fast little game and the website is trying to make you download countless megabytes of an application and then wait for it to install? Well, that just won’t do for us, and that’s why we have created Games2Cool!

Games2Cool is the best place online to enjoy a free scratch cards game, no download required. That’s right, our huge and complete collection of scratch cards applications created by all the well-known software developers is open to you with free and instant access.

With us you can play scratch cards online, no download needed. Never spend a minute waiting, staring at the screen in hopes that your download would move just a little bit faster! No more clutter on your computer – and now you can even play from machines that won’t let you install anything. Or gamble from your mobile – our modern games work on most devices, too! Just open your browser, pick a game from this page and voila! In mere seconds you’re enjoying a fun, colourful and exciting game of scratch cards, and if you don’t like it you can quickly start another one, without going through the tedious downloading process once again.

We believe in modern gaming, and with technologies being as advanced as they are, for you to play free scratch cards, no download should be ever needed. Unless you wan to play real money scratch cards. The games are getting lighter and faster every day, and we intend to take full advantage of that and bring our visitors the cutting edge of modern online gambling.

No download, no registration – nothing is standing between you and fun if you choose Games2Cool! Besides offering you the best and the newest games available, we also have tutorials, news, tips and tricks, interesting strategies and much, much more! We can also help you in your search for perfect online casinos that share our philosophy on quick, affordable gaming – and are secure and reputable to boot! Check out our online casino bonuses page for latest deals, too!