Casino in Germany

More than 126 casinos are in Germany. All of them are located on different federal lands (which in Germany 16) and, accordingly, are subject to different gambling laws. So, for example, the authorities of each land themselves set the age limit for visitors to gambling establishments and the time of the casino. Therefore, if in Bavaria gambling can be people who have reached the age of 21, then in Berlin, the entrance to the casino is open to players, starting from the age of 18.

All German casinos unite two general rules: visitor control and incredibly high tax rates (over 80% of revenues are paid to the state).

The first casino in Germany was opened in the city of Wiesbaden, the capital of the land of Hesse. This happened in 1771. This institution, in addition to being the oldest gambling institution, is one of the top ten casinos in Europe.

The casino in Baden-Baden was also built a long time ago (in 1821-1824), and still this gaming establishment is famous for its popularity. He is even considered one of the best in the world. His playing halls reflect the style of the palaces of French kings, and this, of course, distinguishes this gaming institution from others. In it you can play various gambling games, taste fine cuisine in the restaurant and visit the dance hall.

Despite the fact that Germany’s casino in Baden-Baden is open to visitors for almost a year (except 7 days), this city is called the summer capital of gambling in Europe. Entry to the casino is allowed only to people over 21 years of age and if they have appropriate clothing (it can be rented at the casino) and an identity document.

The German casino operates daily in Bremen. This gambling establishment takes a place in one of the old buildings of the city, built in 1906.

The casino in Dresden on Prager Straße resumed its activities after repairs in 2006. For its design, the style of New Orleans was chosen. The casino area is 400 square meters. Anyone wishing to visit this gambling institution is over 18 years of age. It works all days a week, except for Friday.

Practically in any German casino at the entrance you need to show a passport or any other document proving your identity. Also in all casinos strictly refer to the appearance of visitors (sportswear is not suitable for visiting such entertainment places). In some gambling establishments the entrance is accessible only to the members of the club.