Gambling Trends in 2020

The world of gambling is variable and inconsistent. Each year there are some trends concerning game styles, games themselves, types of casinos and so on. In this article, we will talk about gambling trends that are already developing, and future ones that will soon declare themselves.

1. Transition to online casinos

During the past years, the popularity of online gambling services has grown rapidly. In the 2020, experts predict even greater popularity increase in the online gaming industry. It should also be noted that most real casinos already have their own mobile versions.

2. Virtual reality

Speaking about the disadvantages of online games, one of the key is the lack of atmosphere inherent in the casino. Virtual reality technologies will almost completely solve this problem.

Now, this technology is still in the work, and is only available to very large gambling companies, as the technical support for such service is extremely expensive.

3. Crypto currencies

The popularity of the digital currency is rising not only among casino users, but also all over the world.

Crypto currency has a number of advantages and guarantees for players – above all – anonymity and inability to track financial flows.

4. Themed gaming machines

Everyone knows that thematic products attract more customers due to the popularity of the brand. The gambling industry is no exception. Slot machines, dedicated to movies, games, famous characters or celebrities are more popular than non-thematic.

It also should be added that in 2017 “Playtech” signed an agreement with Warner Bros on the acquisition of the right to create 6 slot machines based on DC comics: Suicide Squad, Batman vs Superman, and others. So, we can just imagine, how popular such slots will be.

So now, we know much more about what to expect in the gaming industry in 2020.

However, no matter what changes have occurred and which trends have come, the casino, with any currency and with any gaming machines, will always be popular.