Multispin slots are new and rare variety of games. The principle of such slots is similar to multiline video poker. There are several rows (from three to ten). Each row represents a classic slot for three reels and one line.

As usual, you make bets by selecting the denomination of coins and the number of coins per line, the amount is also multiplied by the number of rows in the game. Pressing the Spin button, the game starts in one lower row. After stopping rotation, you can hold any number of reels by pressing the Hold buttons below them. After that, press the Spin button again, now the game starts on all the ranks, if some drums are held, then the symbols do not change, but the rest are randomly generated. At the end of the rotation, the player receives payments for each of the series, where the winning combination was collected. Winnings are determined by the rules of classic slots.

Multispin slots are mostly represented in the casino with PlayTech software.

Since the player makes a decision in the game, then theoretically there is an optimal strategy. In practice, without knowing the frequency of the loss of various symbols, it is difficult to create it. Although with a high degree of certainty, you can give the following advice: leave only two characters that make up the winning combination (well, wild symbols). If you have three different symbols, you should not leave it, let everything change.

The expectation of such games is unknown, but there is a suspicion that it is comparable to classic slots, about 90-96%. The variance in games is average.

The most popular slot of this type is the multispin VooDoo Magic. In this game you can play at once on 10 fields, fix from 1 to 3 symbols in each of them, and one spin of this slot includes 10 rotations of drums. In addition, there is an opportunity to increase the winnings by 10 times, if the first spin brought luck and after it 3 symbols were fixed on the remaining rows.

Thus, the game in the multi spin slot can be very advantageous, and especially if the player is lucky. Try your luck in this game – and you will be lucky!