Statistics about casinos

What do we know about gambling and bets? The history of gambling is deeply hidden; it is hard to get facts. And we can hardly find out who was the first lucky one, but we know for sure some interesting facts about the emergence of online casinos. Do you want to find them out?

The first online casino was created in 1997, by the Micro Gaming network. And since the internet at that time was virtually at it’s starting point, the pioneers of the digital industry had very few customers. Therefore, they could not boast the high profitability of this gambling establishment. Only after the end of five years new players came to the market and Internet clubs began to appear as mushrooms.

Country with the largest online casino attendance is Great Britain. Three thousands of Englishmen visit gaming Internet resources every day. Their favorite games are poker and bingo.

Until now, lotteries are the most popular gambling game in online casinos. Statistics say that 55% of the Earth’s inhabitants periodically spend their money to buy lottery tickets.

If you are interested in the age of the most entertaining players, then these people are more than thirty years old. Young people visit online casinos much less often.

Unprofessionals and people who like to play free games on slot machines spend from three to five hours at casino per day.

The luckiest person in the history of online games is a forty-year-old resident of Helsinki. In just half an hour, on the device Mega Fortune, he won 17.8 million euros. His carriage was accompanied by an action held by the PAF club, which provided players with ten free wheel rotations.

Interestingly, online casinos do not have limitations in bets and any supervisory structures, as opposed to real gaming machines. For example, in Germany, a rather absurd law was adopted. The law of this country prohibits losing more than 80 euros per hour, and if you lose more than 100 euros, you would get a fine.

By reading these facts, it is easy to understand that online casinos play a huge role in life of every person.