Why the Roulette is so Popular

It is known that the roulette is considered as the most popular casino game.

However, there are still some players who do not like it, because they believe that in roulette almost everything depends on the happy (or not happy) fortuity. They give preference to those games where you can influence the result with your own skills.

Nevertheless, roulette is still considered as the most popular gambling game in the world and every day gets new admirers.

The first and the main criterion that made roulette popular is democracy.

Imagine that you have come to the casino at first. Your chances to win in the roulette are absolutely equal to the chances of that player near you, whose gambling experience is many years. Apparently, he thinks out a complex and intricate strategy of the game, but at the same time you just contemplate rolling the roulette. Chances remains equal .

You also have absolute freedom of action. You can place the counters on the table as you please. The ball does not have the ability to memorize, so do not listen to neighbors who will advise you to bet on numbers that have fallen before.

Roulette is a great way to just relax and enjoy the atmosphere of the casino.

It’s no secret that thanks to the “zero” sector in European roulette, the advantage of the gambling house is about 2.5 percent . But, for example, in the same French version of the “Wheel of Fortune”, the advantage of a gambling house is reduced at least 2 times – all thanks to the fact that if the “zero” sector drops out, you will receive half of your bet. To minimize the benefits of casinos, for example, in blackjack or poker, you need to work hard – which is only the development of an optimal strategy. In roulette, you just need to bet and rely on Fortune, which may be on your side. Or not.

But as you know ,everything is good only in moderation – for excessive gambling players this game can be really dangerous , causing a real dependence on the game. And it does not bring to the good end.